Page 44

Demo - The Grey Room

Play 90 second soundbite of 'The Grey Room' @ 'CD quality'

Two great tracks make up this new demo from Page 44 - 'The Grey Room' and 'Human Traffic'. Once again these extremely affable guys have managed to inject some of their seemingly boundless energy into their songs; both are very well put together pieces that allow everything to be heard and enjoyed. Their use of harmonies and/or second vocals is quite exceptional; superbly tuned into one another, Adam Vygus, Adam Stanford and Elliot Vaughan sound as if they were born to run together - tasty stuff indeed and superbly thought out.

You know, I've been in the Studio with Page 44 and they're a real bunch of 'nutters'; they enjoy so much what they do and they somehow manage to capture their whole spirit within these two pieces - they just sound so together and their fun but professional attitude simply shines through.

The racey guitars of Stanford and Vygus storm out and punctuate behind the voices as Paul Budgen's bass rips sympathetically along with Vaughan's great drums. The four play easily as one. There's a very natural feel to Page 44 - these boys are really starting to get themselves sorted and are creating a brilliant sounding ensemble. Page 44's songwriting is something to behold too; catchy but rockin', their material seems to be getting stronger all the time. And, their overall style and feel is very 'now', very commercial and easy on the ear whilst still being pretty damn raunchy. Page 44 have managed, with both songs here, to come up with a demo that sounds and feels like it could really do something for them. Cleverly, they've managed to get a very commercial, almost 'pop' feel whilst sticking firmly to their rock roots.

Excellent work Page 44. Probably the best I've heard from you guys to date. Not bad for a bunch of 'clowns', eh!

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