EP - Medic

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SW England/Wales is home to alt rockers Loci who bring you their latest EP release in the form of the impressive 'Medic'; crushing guitar chords and bulky rhythms fill the space behind some impressive and varied vocalisation that runs the gamut between frenzied wailing and serene atmospheric. Excellent musicianship, creative mixing and impressive arrangements further strengthen the Loci cause - it's a great sound and Loci sure know how to express themselves through their boldly rockin' music!!

Loci can be as heavy as you want them to be and as subtle as they need to be to get their excellent songs across. Their songs flip from staccato and angular to fluid and anthemic and Loci carry the burden seemingly effortlessly. This is a trio that make a big noise and seem to have true focus as they fire on all cylinders; it's a brutal and yet somehow sexy rock stylee that falls pleasingly short of manic metal but rocks hard and true, all day long! Loci's music roars and crashes around the room as it organically ebbs and flows with tortured grace, tormented attitude and subtle character.

With six really great tracks on offer, 'Medic' beautifully showcases Loci's range and depth; Loci are dark and scintillating yet vibrant and abrasive - they drill their songs home with massive competence and unbridled passion. This is a great sound that's just different enough to pull you up short and take your breath away and yet it also slots extremely well into the commercial hard-rock groove. Listen once and you'll instantly hear Loci's ball-breaking rock as something pure, simplistic and effortless. Listen again and you'll start to find the intricacies and avant-garde nuances locked inside the more obvious - there's quite a lot going on here, startling instrumental and vocal interchanges, mind-blowin' mood changes, grit and grind go hand-in-hand with elegance and finesse but Loci manage to make it all sound clean, crisp and cutting-edge.

I'm glad that Loci chose to make this a six tracker; it gives them a chance to show their true rockin' colours and clever variations on the rock theme - Loci rock hard, they can be savage yet they can be gentle and persuasive. Loci rock is intelligent rock, rock of ages, now rock, future rock!! 'Medic' is a tremendous EP and gives the listener every chance of getting to know and understand the honest savagery of Loci's massively impressive sound. 'Medic' by Loci is alt rock at its very best - great EP, fantastic band, lawdy lawdy I'm suitably impressed and totally hooked!!

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